About us

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Our mission

Today we are creating solutions that will make lives much easier and businesses more successful tomorrow.

Our values


The quality of the product and services are protected with strong guaranties and documentation.


Nothing outstanding and incredible can be done without passion. We dive deep into each project.


The number of happy clients is our main KPI. Our success rests in their inseparably.

Our strategy

We establish connections and build relations with brands on the partnership basis ensuring their needs in full and assuring their business risks in respect of digital assets. We provide our clients with a full scale of technical means and services wide enough to cover the requirements of the business in evolving, scaling and being sustainable to threats, challenges and sudden changes.

Market share

Simtech is a web development company launched in 2005 and concentrating on the eCommerce market. Since then we have helped thousands of brands from 170 countries to launch, grow, optimize and scale the business globally.
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The road ahead

As a growing software company in a fast-changing digital world, our job is to make an effort to improve ourselves every day, to expand our skills to a deeper level. These are to prepare to help people in need of our services, to build up resources for our clients & partners with global development demands.
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